Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Scarlet Issue 10 Out Now!

Available for the first time on iOS, Android and all good PDF Readers!

Dead Good Publishing are proud to bring the phenomenal Scarlet The Film Magazine to a new digital format. SCARLET THE FILM MAGAZINE is a bi annual print publication covering films and media, mostly though not only, tales in the genres of mystery, fantasy,and horror. A true, indispensible horror guide written by passionate contributers for afficianados and casual horror fans alike.

Issue 10 features:

* The Old Dark Library - The Scarlet Scribes
* The Screaming Room - The Scarlet Scribes
* Universal Monsters: The Essential Collection by Harry H Long
* Son of Soister - Jake Soister
* Invisible Icon - Don Mankowski
* Man of a Thousand Bashings - Bruce Dettman
* The Damnation of Dracula - Paul Leggett
* The Many Masks of the Opera Ghost - Leila Loban

Issue 10 is 47.19 Mb and is available in multi-platform PDF Format. This can be used on any PDF reader such as iOS, Android, Blackberry Playbook, Kindle Fire, PC, Mac and all other pdf readers.